About Me

As a small child, my parents lovingly called me Pig Pen, because I frequently returned home after a long day of work (play) with an actual cloud of dirt hovering about me. Many baths. Many, many baths. Then I grew up and my personal hygiene really improved.

Time continued and I become something of a self-identified food expert, a foodspert, as I really liked food and ate it almost every day. Between meals, I obtained degrees in chemistry and food science. Ironically, during that time I was learning all about food I could only afford it in the form of $0.99 boxed pasta, bananas and coffee. Ask me about that one time in 2006 that I used a month of my food money to go to Venezuela…

I grew up with two parents that cooked dinner and worked full time every day. I know this combination is become a rare bird in today’s stressful, uncompromising American lifestyle, and I don’t even try to pretend that I don’t rip open a package of food-so-processed-you-only-know-what-it-is-by-the-label from time to time to time…but just like exercise, we all know it’s important and can make us better long term to focus on whole foods that are minimally processed. And really, I know you don’t believe me yet, you can save a BUNDLE of money on fresh vegetables and fruits. Please let me show you how.

Fast forward to 2012, I had been working professionally in the food arena for 3 years, and I finally tied the knot to an amazing and very understanding man, my CFO, and we moved to a 1 acre property outside Milwaukee and suddenly I found myself with a whole lot of suburban property and disappointing grocery stores that find it acceptable to cut the tops off of fresh beets. I mean, really! I put my attention to turning our property into something that could nourish us throughout the year. Because I thrive in chaos, we added our little Monkey to the mix in 2017. Gardening with a baby is EASY, just like washing windows with gravel.

This is my journey of going back to my Pig Pen days, playing in the dirt, and becoming intimately familiar with homegrown produce. I also promise colorful photos and lots of failures.

1 thought on “About Me”

  1. I fully support those who garden (especially those who also appreciate Cheez-its) and cannot wait to see what the coming year brings!


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