2020 COVID-19 Garden

Here is the plan to maximize my time at home the spring of 2020. Oddly enough, prior to the world ending, my goal for 2020 was to focus on preserving the harvest for winter use.

Perennial Crops: 

  • Asparagus (Jersey Knight, Purple Passion)
  • Rhubarb, Victorian and Strawberry
  • Strawberry, Honeoye
  • Cherry, Tart
  • Pear, Bartlett
  • Raspberry, Red
  • Blackberry, Black Satin
  • Oregano
  • Thyme
  • Sage
  • Chive

April Seeds and Transplants:

  • Arugula, Rocket
  • Beets (Albino, Golden, Chiogga, Bulls Blood)
  • Carrots (Amarillo, Scarlet Nantes, Parisienne, Cosmic Purple)
  • Chinese Cabbage, Hilton
  • Kale (Lacinato, Scarlet)
  • Leek, Blue Solaise
  • Lettuce, Head (Elle Kropt, Red Iceberg, Crisp Mint, Winter Density)
  • Lettuces, Leaf (Bronze Arrowhead, Gold Rush, Jebousek, Mascara)
  • Mizuna, Summer
  • Onion, Bunching (Minnesota Winter)
  • Onion, Red (Flat of Italy)
  • Onion, Yellow (Yellow of Parma)
  • Parsley, Giant of Italy
  • Parsley (Root), Hamburg Rooted
  • Parsnip, Harris Model
  • Pea (Shelling), Green Arrow
  • Radicchio, Rossa di Verona
  • Radish (French Breakfast, Saxa 2, Helios, Watermelon)
  • Rutabaga, Joan
  • Shallot, Zebrune
  • Spinach, Gigante d’Inverno
  • Swiss Chard (Five Color Silverbeet, Rhubarb Red)
  • Turnip, Golden